The WSKiZ executive MBA program, is among the very few programs in Poland taught 100% in English. Additionally, upon completion of the program graduates will obtain a Polish diploma (post-graduate certificate – at WSKiZ EMBA). The diploma will be issued by an accredited and internationally recognized higher education institution, providing graduates with a distinctive competitive advantage in the job market.

The WSKiZ EMBA program is taught by Polish faculty, as well as collaborating instructors and professionals from all over the world. Instructors are selected based on their teaching evaluations and international experience. A pool of faculty including the finest and most experienced professors and professionals able to offer interactive EMBA classes has been developed for this specific program.

In the EMBA courses, professors use a range of different teaching methods in the classroom. You can expect a highly participatory, interactive atmosphere. We use case studies, some developed for local Polish businesses jointly with Polish and European faculty, and each year we offer business games and simulations. We have used multimedia and e-learning tools within the classroom, as well as guest speakers from prominent companies.

We expect students to be able to work at a high level and within the teams to which they are assigned, to carry out projects and case study analyses. Within the WSKiZ EMBA program, an intensive socialization takes place and teamwork is developed under conditions of stress and competition, where leadership qualities emerge and are tested.

We favor an integrative approach, providing an overall understanding of how organizations, small and large, work, focusing on the acquisition by students of a sound functional knowledge of business, without which one cannot become a credible manager. Finally, we offer an international perspective, a sine qua non condition for survival and growth in the age of globalization.