In the WSKiZ EMBA program, there are no traditional examination periods. A student should pass each course according to individual rules determined by the lecturer. Since we are focused on practical and case study based teaching methods, we have designed courses within our EMBA programs that are passed based on projects developed individually or in teams.

The final grade in a course may be based on:

  • Marketing and financial projects,
  • Projects on implementing changes and innovations in an organization,
  • In the Integrative Project course, students in groups prepare the detailed international project, in which they should use all the knowledge and new skills obtained during 16 months of studies.
  • Individual and group presentations,
  • Case solving (in class and as a written executive summary),
  • Results of computer simulation games (Corporate Strategy Game, Marketing Strategy Game),
  • Class participation (regular preparation to the classes, taking part in discussions, and case solving).


  • Students must complete all courses and receive a passing grade in each course.
  • Required minimum percentage passing grade for each course is 50%.
  • Students must receive 45 credits and an overall grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 (on a 4.3 scale) to satisfy requirements of our EMBA programs.

E-Learning Support

We actively use our e-learning platform to provide you with support and educational materials, as well as to create space for discussions, collaborative work and consultations with instructors, in order to enhance your learning experience, and We aim to prepare you to successfully face challenges of the digital economy in the globalized business world.

Tuition Fees

For more detailed information about your tuition fee, please go to the Admissions section, or contact your program Coordinator.

In general, admission fee is charged after the successful interview with your program Coordinator. Unfortunately, the lack of this payment will exclude you from the recruiting procedure, so please, be prepared to carry this cost.

The tuition fee can be paid in full or in instalments, depending on your financial possibilities. We are open to create a flexible payment plan for you, making sure you are comfortable when studying in our programs. We offer attractive discounts – please contact your program Coordinator for details. We have had experience in working with diverse populations of students, and we believe that a solution can always be found (if the student and the university want to collaborate). We are here to enhance your learning experience and to guide to a successful completion of the EMBA program.